"Creativity will save us"-25th April 2020
"Creativity will save us"

Saurin Desai is a published poet, comic-writer, scriptwriter, storyteller, content writer, and writing coach.

He facilitates workshops on creative writing, brand storytelling, digital content, etc. and is an ideation as well as a content strategy consultant to many professionals as well as small and mid-sized businesses.

SGR Knowledge Foundation Organizes - Online Session

Topic: Creativity will save us (why more Creativity is needed, more than ever, in today's unprecedented and unpredictable world.)

On: Saturday, 25th April 2020

Venue : Your Home at your Mobile

Note : - Login to your Facebook Accounts 10 mins before the session

Link: https://www.facebook.com/sgrkf/live

Saurin Desai

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