Online National Level Quiz

Online National Level Quiz

Get set go for a promising opportunity with QuizZest!

SGRKF in association with Zingalify, an online testing portal, and supported By Raisoni Group of Institutions and Orange city Literature Festival is all set to conduct an Online National Level Quiz competition ‘QuizZest’ on 26th February 022, open for school students of the age 12 to 16years.

The key objective is to evaluate the knowledge of all participants within and beyond academics in subject areas like Current Affairs, Science, Maths,

Entry Charges

Strictly through Registration (Registrations open till 23rd February 2022)

If you have any queries related to QuizZes please contact on - 7887860107

  • 1st Prize – Rs 3000
  • 2nd Prize: Rs 2000
  • 3rd Prize: Rs 1500
  • 25 Scoring Participants: Assured Gifts
  • All Participants: Digital certificates

Whether you win or lose, one thing is sure to grab – lots of learning and an experience of a lifetime. So, ‘Pause, Think, and Register’ for this one-of-its kind quiz competition.

Guidelines and instructions for the Candidates for Online Examination
  • It is an Online Examination system, user friendly having advanced Security features making it fair, transparent and standardized.
  • The term end examination will be conducted in an online proctored mode. Candidate can take the test from the safe and secure environment of his/her home, with a desktop/laptop/smartphone (with a webcam) and an internet connection (un-interrupted internet speed is desirable).
  • Candidates are requested to take the test honestly, ethically, and should follow all the instructions.
A. General Instructions:
  • Total Duration of the examination is displayed on screen.
  • The clock will be automatically set. When the timer reaches zero, the examination will be end by itself.
  • Questions will be based on General Knowledge.
  • The examination will comprise of Objective type Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs).
  • Each question has one correct answer.
  • No marks will be deducted for un-attempted questions.
  • No Negative marking.
B. Information & Instructions:
  • The examination does not require using any paper, pen, pencil and calculator..
  • Every student will take the examination on a Laptop/Desktop/Smart Phone
  • The students just need to click on the Right Choice / Correct option from the multiple choices /options given with each question.
C. Answering to a Question

Procedure for answering multiple choice question:

  • To select your answer, click on the button of one of the options
  • To deselect your chosen answer, click on the Clear button.
  • To change your answer, click on the button of another option
  • To save your answer, you MUST click on the Next button
  • To change your answer to a question that has already been answered, first select that question for answering and then follow the procedure for answering that type of question.
The sequence of steps to be followed by each examinee for appearing in Examination using Online Examination Portal will be as follows:
  • The students will have to enter their Enrolment Number as Username and Password (which has been sent to their registered mobile number and email-id).
  • The student’s details appear on the screen, which will be verified by the student.
  • The student will get Instructions to guide through the test.
  • The Time of the examination begins only when the ‘Start Test’ button is pressed.
  • The student proceeds answering the questions one by one by clicking on the small grey circle next to the chosen answer.
  • The examinee can move to Previous and Next questions by clicking on the buttons displayed on screen throughout the test.
  • The answers can be changed at any time during the test and are saved automatically.
  • It is possible to Review the answered as well as the unanswered questions.
  • The Time remaining is shown in the Left Top Corner of the screen.
  • The system automatically shuts down when the time limit is over OR alternatively if examinee finishes the exam before time he can quit by pressing the ‘End Test’ button. The students don’t click the “END TEST” Button until the student want to quit from Examination
Extra Exam Attempt Will not be provided if,
  • Student fails to appear for exam within specified timings.
  • Student does not appear the papers.
  • Student appears for exam late / face lack of time.
  • Student ignores instructions and rules.
  • Student does not submit the exam properly.
  • Student face internet of power failure problems.

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