Nishigandha Wad


Different people, different relationships some sweet, some sour whereas some needs to add ingredients to make it a healthy platter! To add crispyness in the healthy platter Dr. Nishigandha Wad , a renowned Marathi film actress who has done more than 160 films, TV serials, an author of 9 books also a recipient of prestigious State awards for three books, 7 state level awards for acting in films etc. This dynamic lady shares different cuisines of a healthy platter.

In the beginning, she starts cooking with the main ingredient called love she starts serving from the start of the day which adds taste to the platter individually without any greed or anything in return as women is being said to be a backbone of Indian society , same here the guest speaker who has done her PhD on women empowernment too, she expresses that, women should create her own identity. In this she tells us women should not leave behind their own identity and stand on their own. There are certain stories that describe human nature which serves a platter in various types, but to keep it a healthy one there are few things to be compulsorily served like love, laughter, understanding, emotions etc and many more things that are to be served in says Dr Wad.

She also expresses that there is crux of relationship either be it in husband wife, mother-daughterbond, relationship between friends etc. There are various ways and one needs to express it. Dr Nishigandha tells that the relationship plays vital role in everyone’s life and to make it healthy that has to be served on the platter with love, care, understanding these are the main key ingredients to be served on healthy platter. Nagpurians heard for the first time the purest marathi from Dr Nishigandha Wad an orator too who shares the secret of a healthy platter.

Dr. Nishigandha Wad


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