Naveen Choudhary

कहानी राजनैतिक उपन्यास की

(An author and satirist, his political thriller Janta Storehas been in the bestseller charts of Dainik Jagran and Neilson. He is also Associate Director of Marketing at Oxford University Press)

Naveen Choudhary is Head of Marketing at Oxford University Press. He is responsible for the marketing of academic titles and the Indian Language Publishing Program. Also an author and satirist, his first novel Janta Store is based on the student politics of Rajasthan

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SGR Knowledge Foundation Organizes - Online Session

  • Topic:"कहानी राजनैतिक उपन्यास की"
  • Speaker: Mr. Naveen Choudhary (author and satirist)
  • Date: Saturday, 09th May 2020
  • Time: 3.oo PM
  • Venue : At Your Home, On your Mobile
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Naveen Choudhary
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