Health Care - Yoga & Self Defense
"It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver."
.....Mahatma Gandhi

Raisoni Group of Institutions gives special importance to Health and Fitness of students and employees under the guidance of SGR Knowledge Foundation. Yoga program and classes are been conducted with a motive to help students and employees to have a healthy and balanced life. Our camps are designed in such a way that it truly rejuvenates the mind and soul and keep the body energized, refreshed and peaceful.

Self Defence

"The proper course of action, when under attack, is usually to counterattack."
.....Jeff Cooper

To boost the self esteem of our students and employees we organize self defence training camps for our women employees and girl students by the experts in regular intervals. The training is aimed to increase the self confidence and morale of the participants and they are also taught to tackle different situations.

Yoga & Self Defense