Computer Literacy

Computer education in schools plays important role in student's career development. Computer with the Internet is the most powerful device that students can use to learn new skills and more advanced version of current lessons. Schools are around the globe teaching student's basics of computers and Internet. Whereas, it lacks in many areas due to many genuine reasons which one cannot avoid.

RACE - Raisoni Avid Computer Education aims to reach to the students and provide them the basic computer education. Again it was a question how we can reach to the students or whether it is possible to call or invite all the students in our institute campuses. It was not possible to some extent. But when not possible comes, then there is the way to make it possible. If students cannot come to us then we can. And the idea took shape in the form of Mobile Computer Van.

With this idea two computer vans were made ready. Each Computer Van is equipped with 17 Computers and all the required amenities. Keeping in mind that computer education is one the most important subject if you compare this is with current technological updates and demands of computer knowledge in various government and private sectors jobs. It is really important for computer teachers to teach students about How to use computers, How to understand, the benefits of using a various application such as Microsoft word, excel, power point, Internet safety etc. SGRKF is aware that most of the schools are trying to do this and is in the support to the concept to make this education available to every student so that our students don’t feel dominated because of lack of IT education.

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