Beetashok Chatterjee

Living a Life, Ocean-size The Chronicles of a Seafarer.

Beetashok Chatterjee was a merchant ship’s captain by profession. He joined the Merchant Navy at a young age and loved it, retiring only after having completed more than 45 years at sea. He currently lives in New Delhi, India, with his memories and a wife, son and daughter. His hobbies include listening to Western music, reading fiction and watching cricket. He loves good Hollywood and Bollywood movies. And chilled beer. This is his second collection of stories. His first collection Driftwood—stories washed ashore gave him so much pleasure (and a little pain) creating it that he decided this was what he wanted to do for the rest of his life—write.


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  • Topic: Living a Life, Ocean-size The Chronicles of a Seafarer
  • Speaker: Beetashok Chatterjee
  • Date: 20th January 2022 Thursday
  • Time: 5.30 pm
  • Publisher:Readomania Publishing
  • Venue : At Your Home, On your Mobile
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Beetashok Chatterjee
Beetashok Chatterjee
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Read Jim Corbett’s Man-Eaters of Kumaon? Now meet the Main-Editor of Readomania! She has lost count of the books she has edited (also, numbers were never her forte) but creating books is what keeps her going. She can sniff out the potential of an author and will bring out the best from them, no matter what. An English Literature grad with a post-graduation in print journalism, she works best under pressure, a trait acquired during her newsroom days that she still hasn’t been able to shed. In college when one of the professors said reading Joyce’s Ulysses might seriously invite insanity, she took it up as a challenge and read it in a month. Go blame Joyce for this nutty as a fruitcake editor now! Although she has no genre loyalty when it comes to work, Indrani is a sucker for crime thrillers. When she is bored of writing and editing words, she plays with more words to unwind. Punning is a passion and almost like a chronic bad habit that irks people around her. Word!

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