About the Founder

Sunil Gyanchandji Raisoni,
The Founder of SGR Knowledge Foundation

is popularly known for his inclination towards the noble cause of educating India. He is an Intellectual and a tenacious philanthropist who was born in Jalgaon, Maharashtra on 11th December 1961.

He is a scholar himself and is following a legacy of Philanthropy passed by his father Late Shri. Gyanchandji Raisoni. He always believed in the philosophy of appreciating work and dedication of a person than personality cult. He is a futuristic person who believes in implementing ways to support various social reforms that addresses our nation's developmental challenges.

With his hard work, Dedication and commitment towards his dreams he came up with various roles and succeeded in whatever he decided. He is committed to enhance the quality of life through an integrated approach towards the various projects in the areas of Education, Environment, Health and Welfare activities.....

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