“AaS” Adopt a Student

AaS- “Adopt a Student” is the program to enhance the confidence of the deserving students from rural area in order to accomplish their educational goal with helping hand of some patron like you. In other words, it is the hope that underprivileged and deprived children pray to the almighty who plans his kindness through bighearted people as a ray of light to fulfill their dreams.


Respecting your generosity, dedication and the noble service extended by you to the community in general and downtrodden in particular, SGR Knowledge Foundation appeals to you to be a part of this program with a view to fulfil the dreams of deserving under privileged students who could in turn be instrumental in bringing about the miraculousinter-generationalchange in the Society.

Why to Adopt a Student ?

To donate for the food or clothes is a temporary relief but support to the student to complete higher education amounts to help them forever. Once properly educated, who knows what height they will attain?

It is universally true that the Education is a powerful tool which empowers to turn around one’s life. It makes people skilled and equips them to engage in meaningful profession. If one member of poor family is educated it will certainly break the cycle of poverty which is there in generations.

The children born in poor family are denied the opportunity to learn because of their financial constraints in spite their aptitude for learning. By way of extending a little helping hand to these children for few years can change the scenario and it can be lifelong investment in getting the pleasure of satisfaction to the donor family.

Procedure for identifying deserving students:

  • 1
    This scheme aims to provide support to the deserving students who are economically backward and particularly the preference will be given to first-generation learners from rural background.
  • 2
    The program is open to all including that for NGOs and shall be irrespective of the caste or creed.
  • 3
    A team of experts will visit the places in rural area, will seek help from local educationalists to identify deserving students having an aptitude for learning but are denied opportunities due to inability to spend.
  • 4
    An informal interview will be conducted to adjudge the aptitude of the students, their interests and career aspirations.
  • 5
    Based on the above exercise, students will be admitted into the different programs offered by the group in the institutions including Universities of the Group at respective location.
  • 6
    This programme will take care of the financial, academic and the social needs of the student.
  • 7
    The needs such as tuition fees, examination fees, books, food, accommodation, transportation etc. will be met through this program which would require a minimum corpus fund per year per student.
  • 8
    This program shall be applicable even from school student to PG program after having completed degree education.
  • 9
    The contribution of donors to this social cause will be tax free as per the rules applicable under section 80 G and FCRA.
  • 10
    The detailed structure of fees and probable expenses is given in the annexure)

Groups’ Contribution:

  1. These adopted students shall be provided with full academic support by the faculty, who will volunteer as Academic Counsellors and Guardians to give them necessary direction and guidance.
  2. These students will be provided the benefit of extra tutorials, imparting courses to develop soft skills, and other avenues for their overall personality development.
  3. Foundation shall also provide a set of college uniform and a returnable set of text books every year from Book Bank for study during the year.
  4. Utmost care will be taken to enable the students to adjust with the environment so as to successfully complete their goal through psychological counsellors.
  5. The college Placement Cell will train and assist these students in securing meaningful employment on the successful completion of their respective courses.

Role of the Institute towards Donor:

The institute will provide entire information of students to the respective donors through software such as…

  1. Complete profile of the student, from X, XII, family background, Parents’ financial condition etc.
  2. Monthly Attendance Reports
  3. Academic Performance in tests and end semester examinations.
  4. Details of participation in extracurricular activities.
  5. Achievements in any field, if any
  6. Medical issues if any
  7. Donor will have a Web meeting and also a personal meeting with the student adopted to mentor them and see their progress.

For more info about AAS visit

Link: https://indiaas.org/