Stress-Free Life and Meditation - 27thNov. 2017
"Stress-Free Life and Meditation

Do we have space in our minds to figure out which tasks are actually essential and which are not so important? This is where mindfulness meditation for stress and anxiety, the feeling that continues after the stressors are gone, can provide relief.

Session on Stress-free life and meditation was organized on 27th Nov. 2017 at Vivekanand Hall, Shradha House.

Speaker Mr. Ravi from Sawan Kripal Ruhani Mission spoke on the topics along with activities planned for the participants on:

  • Cope with hectic pace of life
  • Function better under stress
  • Increase Energy & Productivity
  • Attain higher levels of productivity
Relax. You deserve it, it's good for you, and it takes less time than you think.

Let's Meet then...

On: 27th Nov 2017

At: 6.30 Pm

Venue : Vivekanand Hall,
Shradha House.

Mr. Ravi from Sawan Kripal Ruhani Mission